Pimp out your Tequila Sunrise

Need a new drink idea for your summer grill-outs. Something to wow your folks! Here is the pimped out version of tequila sunrise. 

To get started pick a glass of your choosing. Big, small either way! Squeeze some fresh lemon into a plate and another plate put sugar. Then rim the glass with salt. Next you need to fill the glass with ice. (ice, ice, baby) Then take the tequila and fill it 1/3 up. Instead of using orange juice, take mango-maracuja-orange juice and fill it to the top.  Next a little sip of pomegranate syrup and let settle at the bottom of the glass. Now for the garnish, use some edible flowers (amazon) I loved the purple/blue tones with the orange gives a whole different look in itself. To top it off, cut off some fresh rosemary. And bam, you got yourself a party drink. Cheers!