German Alps


Berchtesgaden is comparable to Netflix Fairytale Series that you can never get enough of. Even though you binge watch through three seasons in one day, you still can’ t help but say yes to when it asks, ”are you still there?”. The point where you know you’ve gone too far but can’t turn back. This is Berchtesgaden in a nutshell. It makes you believe that you are the next rock climber, beer drinker, and  mountain biker. Probably comes from the old magic of the Watzmann Mountain. Even on rainy days when the fog comes in, Berchtesgaden continues to look more magical and majestic. With the Bavarian Alps all around and cute old men eating ice cream in the rain. To the lakes and mid-day coffee drinkers. And random McDonalds with dance clubs right underneath. This place will always be a good idea; so don’t miss the chance to go my fellow adventurers. All the magic is just around the corner.