Salzburg, Austria


With having two of my lovely friends from America come to visit my new home, I had nothing but pure happiness. On there last day we traveled to Salzburg, Austria to go exploring. We first started with the castle upon the hill. I wish I knew it's name but to be honest have no clue. But its glorious. When you are by the castle you can look down to the tiny cars, beautiful buildings, and happy drunk people. Then we went to the Man that stands on a golden globe that all the people love to sign at the bottom. Beside that, is a life size chest set. Then we went onward to see where Mozart grew up and then to my one of my favorite cafes, Afro Cafe. If you have ever been to Serendipity Cafe in New York, which is where Andy Warhol spent a lot of his time. Afro Cafe has the same vibes. Super unique and always bringing good vibes in.

Here are my two favorite things to get at Afro Cafe:

1. Afro Teas: In general all the teas are pretty fabulous but my current addiction is the Mombasa Tea. It contains Rooibos, Lemon Grass, Currants, Nana Mint, Elderberries, Lemon Fruit Granulate, Eucalyptus Leave, and Ginger. Not too fruity but relaxing and gives you back those good vibes you been needing so long. Also how they bring the tea out to you is adorable and unexpected.

2. Afro Ice Coffee: This drink is if you want to put a little pep in your step. The balance in it is incredible and defiantly satisfies your sweet tooth.

Then after touring around we went along the river side to see the sunset. Totally like a movie. Afterwards we went on a hunt for some yummy food before heading back home to our apartment in Munich.

To say the least, it was so nice spending the last moments we had with them before heading home to America.

Sending much love your way to your day!