Sunday Peptalk

Oh honey, take a walk on the wild side. 

Wild side of life. We all want that. Something that's exciting and liberating. That makes us jump out of our skin, that makes our heart start throbbing for more. We want to feel like we aren't wasting our life. But can't stop thinking about tomorrow. About what we would do better if we lived somewhere prettier, somewhere warmer, somewhere that's not here. We want to feel like we belong. That we are part of something that inspires us, that moves us. That we are surrounded by people that just walk into your house and go straight to your fridge. Because that's what friendship is about right? We want a life that we don't know what we want. That we picture in our minds. Maybe we just want the illusion of the life we want more than the actual life itself.  We want to jump off cliffs, fall in love with someone beautiful, and read a book that we lose ourselves in. We crave for a spark. A place to feel. A place that doesn't exist but only in ourself. 

So go out and grab it. It's yours if you want it to be. Background music to get you going:

  • Spaceship by Comet Blue

  • Coastline by Steve Kroeger, Skye Holland

  • Crush by Campsite Dream

  • Feel by Mahmut Orhan

  • Feel Good Inc by filous, lissA

  • Static by CAZZETTE

  • Surviving by Sondr, Joe Cleere

  • Afraid by Curtis Alto

  • Escape by Zoology

  • Pressure by Milk & Bone

  • Evil Twin by Krrum

  • Diamond Child by Aayushi, Dillistone

Photography by Simon Rosenberger