Prague the Unexpected

Prague the Unexpected

Prague was something that I heard great things about but NEVER expected it to be too great or exciting. Well. I was proven wrong when spending the weekend with my boyfriend. Honestly blown away and now somewhere I will love to visit every year to start a tradition before Thanksgiving festivities. 

We started the journey with a 5-ish hour bus ride from Munich. Flex-bus was the company that we drove with and only can say nice things. They were right on time, the bathroom was perfectly clean, and comfortable sitting. Also very cheap! Which was the best part! As we started arriving in Prague my heart starting getting excited. Seeing the Dancing Building as the first thing driving over the river was what really made me realize I was in somewhere special. When we arrived at the Bus station we went to exchange our Euros to Koruna which is always exciting to see the different design in the coins and paper money. 

Then we went by tram with directions from our Airbnb Host to our Airbnb. Only 15 minutes and all in another language it was quite simple. Our Airbnb Host was at the apartment which felt like we were staying with family friends. He showed us the best restaurants, best scenes, and other random notes on Prague. He actually owns a Cafe in Prague which was a very unique local place to be and beautifully designed with simple wood and metal panels. 

We took off in the new day to find what was happening, so we went to the city centre. And let me tell you! It was end of November and they already had there Christmas Markets up which filled the air with the most homie smells. We got cooked veggies and rosé mulled wine. Then headed off into the night just walking. No where really planned, no direction, just two feet in front of the other. This is probably my favorite way to travel. No plans, No stress. See the city not a map. 

The city started glowing and it felt like we find ourselves in a story tale that I never wanted to leave. As we arrived up to a group of people we found ourselves at the famous Charles Bridge. The city lights reflecting off of the river gave me chills. As we got hungry we started to find a cute restaurant down the street and head home to be alive for the next day adventures. 

With taking the tram everywhere, we found ourselves at the beautiful castle to a vegetarian restaurant that our Airbnb Host recommended that he loved. On there menu they told you every benefit of what you are eating and how it helps your body. Which was pretty addicting to read as you fill like a rockstar in healthy eating. Afterwards we found ourselves at a pub crawl. I have done a pub crawl twice in 2013. Once in Croatia with one of my good friends Tahlia and another one in Budapest, Hungary. Pub crawls are a great way to meet people traveling and build friendships. We found a hilarious crew of people from Brazil and Germany which we stuck together for the rest of the night. 

Next morning woke up wanting some fresh pizza and without realizing bought the biggest sized which coast us 50 euros, yes. For some reason I forgot to google translate the size of the pizza. Which resulted us in eating pizza for the rest of the trip! Can I say paradise? 

All in all the trip was one of a kind and I will forever be in love with the beautiful city of Prague.

Here is the Airbnb that we stayed at which was just brilliant:

Also check out video from trip: