Thailand Ventures

Once in a life time

One month with two of our close friends we ventured out into the wild Asia. Flying through Middle East to Thailand was over a 30 Hour flight. While my boyfriend and our friends flew from Europe on a 16 hour flight. In Thailand as a foreigner you get 30 days until you need a visa, which is how long we stayed. Once we left the airport, Asia's air hit us right across that face. Hot and Humid let me tell ya! We managed to find our way to the subway which was nicely air conditioned. On our way to our beautiful penthouse over looking Bangkok from Airbnb.

Once we settled in we went out for dinner with my boyfriends uncle who lives in Bangkok. It was crazy new world with the hustle and bustle of mo-pads and crazy Thai-drivers. After staying a couple days in Bangkok we started down to the island with a night train. First class only 15 dollars, incredible. The toilet was a hole in the train that you pee onto the railroad which was hilarious. Also make sure you sleep with your stuff that no one steals anything. Just to be safe. Once we woke up we where catching a boat to our first island, Koh Phangan. We didn't even schedule a room yet until we got there and asked the truck driver to drive us to the nearest place to stay. The rest of the trip was riding around with mo-pads and hitting different beaches in between. Don't forget Mango and Rice.  It was beautiful, hot as no other and totally out of one's comfort zone. From there we went to Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Tao, where we got our PEDA scuba diving license. In Koh Phi Phi we where there a day or so until I started feeling weird. Not wanting to eat, just feeling weak like I wanted to pass out. Come to find out I got Dengue fever. Dengue fever comes from a mosquito during the day which is nothing good to have. We thought I would just stay for one night until it started getting worst and ended up there for 7 days. 

Finally my blood count went back up and we were off on another boat back to the main land to make our way up north. This was a month of crazy uncomfortable, hilarious, fun, thrilling, and emotional rollercoaster that I still miss to this day.