Simple Winter Soup

Winter Soup -

One of my favorite things to eat in the winter time is soup. I am beyond a soup human. Even loved eating soup in the midst of summer, in Thailand. But in the beginning about 4 years ago when I first moved to Germany, I never cooked. Yup, NEVER. So I was completely used to eating soup from a can. Never in my wild imagination did I believe I would be making "homemade" soup. Ha! I remember telling my friends in Germany this and they just laughed thinking of course it's homemade. To my realization, soup is probably one of the easiest things to make. Which comes to my habit of making a huge thing of carrot-ginger soup on Friday and eating it all weekend....yeah. I know badass right? 

Here is my current soup addiction that I make all the time and believe that you will love also! 

Carrot - Ginger Soup

Start bowling your water in a pot of your choosing, I typically choose the biggest one we have so I can eat it for lunches at work. While your water is heating up, starting chopping up:

  1. 5 Carrots

  2. 1 Onion

  3. 5 Garlics

  4. 1 Big Sweet Potato

  5. Fresh Ginger 

  6. Vegetable Broth 

Once the water starts bowling place all your yummy elements within the pot and let it sit there for 20 to 30 minutes. After your 30 minutes are up, stick a fork into a potato or carrots to see if it's soft to be able to mix. If not let it simmer for another 10 minutes. 

Your kitchen at this point is probably going to be smelling amazing - once everything is softly cooked bring out your handy dandy blender or hand blender. Take your pot off the hot stove so the soup doesn't splatter hot soup on you. Then start blending until smooth. I personally prefer to use a hand blender so that I won't ruin my blender but just make sure carrots and potatoes are not hard at all and you will be fine. 


Once you blend everything together cut up 3-4 fresh tomatoes and mix them into the soup. At this point depending on my mood I either put a plant-based milk (cashew, rice, or almond milk) or some delicious red wine. You can also do both. As me and my friends say, wine is always the answer. When in doubt, wine. Also add some Thyme. Thyme is what I take with me when traveling on flights, which helps with the taste of airplane food when traveling long distances. This allows the flavors to just come alive and be really ready for a proper dinner. 

And then you are ready to serve up! 

What I really love about this is also what's inside and the benefits for my body. Here is the list of benefits that also help you be a badass. 

1. Ginger - Prevents gas and bloating, antibiotic, helps relieve digestive problems, helps tooth aches, helps with nauseas, lower blood sugars, helps with menstrual pain, helps brain power. 

2. Garlic - helps purify the blood with acne from the inside out, helps with hair loss, boost immune system, reduce fat in liver, keeps vampires away, breaks down blood clots, helps with low energy, and improves circulation through the body. 

3. Onions - helps with sore throats, contains vitamin c for clear skin, reduces the amount of free radicals in your body, and relieves stomach aches. 

4. Carrots - helps with eye sight, hair, and skin. Great for your teeth health. Protects the healthiness of your mind, and helps your skin glow during these winter months.

5. Sweet Potatoes - helps produce energy for you, high in vitamin A, helps upset stomach, and a good source of magnesium that helps with anti-stressing. 

6. Thyme  - kills bacteria and infections, helps with stress, and helps lighten scars. Also surprisingly super great for your bones, its loaded with magnesium, calcium, iron, and vitamin K. 

7. Vegetable Broth- helps heal the lining of your stomach, very mineralizing and alkalizing, low calorie count, helps flush out waste within your body, and helps energy in feeling light.

8. Cashew Milk -  Iron in cashews help keep hair, nails, and skin on track. Filled with calcium and protein. Has no sugar but still taste delicious and creamy. Helps with vitamin E in your diet that helps prevent damages from the sun on your skin.

Tell me what you think! And also share you're recipes that you love!