this is for you - valentines day

This is for you, 

This is for you. This weekend is for your new refreshment into the new week. This is your time to be nice to yourself. To stop telling yourself your wasting your time. To stop telling yourself you need to do this and that. That your not good enough. This time is for you. And you only. You can't not love others until you take care of yourself. We all have those mean thoughts that we can do better, be better. That we are not enough for ourselves. Well this weekend we are going to change the pace of this. We are loving ourselves first. We are going to dance to music and take that tequila shot. We are going to buy those flowers that we keep on passing in the market. If they are discount even better.  We are going take walks like they do in those fancy movies with the great background music. We are going to start writing down goals and dreams. Three goals, Three Dreams. 

1. Yoga in the living room - twice a week

2. Learn how to make a mean margarita 

3. Read that darn book that's been staring at you for years

Now we are going to write it down for our mirror. BAM! Goals. Here is the toughest task of them all...go....on...pinterest. Yes, I know. Hard. But you gotta do this for you. Start making a dream board of what you picture your future to be like. Anything you want! Just let yourself dream and picture yourself there. 

Next we are going to start folding those clothes in our closet we always say we will get to (or is that just me). Detoxing our closet is like detoxing our mind. Messy closet, Messy mind. 

Time for a bath, bubbles? I think so. Now turn on that favorite throwback music that you love on Spotify. And just be there. Not somewhere else in your mind. You'll fight yourself in the beginning to stop thinking about everything...but it'll get easier. Be there, hearing the music seeing the water move. Listen to your breathe. Everything's going to be okay. You are doing amazing. You want candles too? Get those candles girlfriend. This is your time. 

Valentines Moodboard (Self Love) :