Family finally visits!


Beer Break 

The best way to hike is hiking for the end goal of beer.

After over four years of dating my boyfriend, half of my family finally met his! Which was crazy! Too cultures, totally opposite of each other. I must admit I was a bit nervous. Hoping that would get along. Barely breathing at moments. But it actually worked! (haha) Couldn't believe it. Consistently trying to make sure both families were comfortable was the main thing I was most focused on.

Simon's family is from a small town in the Alps. Which makes them huge hikers. Not the little hikes we do in ohio, like German Alps going up straight for 2 hours. It was fantastic. Basically shocked my mom a bit on how intense it was, but she loved it. And my step-dad was a total trooper & was always smiling and laughing. Really happy they came and finally saw my life here in Germany & they beautiful people that are surrounding me.

Now more than ever excited for the time that my dad and step-mom come to visit soon! Probably will be nervous but have no doubt in my mind they will love each other! 

Cheers to awkward/not awkward family meetings! Here are some photos from our tour up the Alps & Castle pictures. More to come! 


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