4 things to do on a rainy day

1. Redo your closet - Redoing my closet is probably one of those things I push off all the time. But once you do it. You think well dang why didn't I do this sooner?! You feel more successful in your day and also more organized in your mind. As weird as that sounds. 

2. Paint your nails - Yes. Simple. Yet something that is the number thing people look and notice a lot. Nicely painted nails as is a nice treat for express yourself through colors.

3. Treat your teeth - I recently started buying whiting stripes again. Typically in Europe not many people do but I noticed how important it is for me to feel fresh and proud of my smile. (expecially having a family of humans that have super white teeth) 

4. Research something new - Never stop learning. In high school, I was the person who didn't like learning. Would always try to get out of class and socialize. Now I love it. It's incredible how much you can learn of this thing called "the internet" haha. But really! Sometimes I go through phases of different topics like black holes, one of my obsessions & things I use in my daily work life. From video production to photography to RIO, social media, and advertising yourself. It doesn't have to always be serious, sometimes I research on a certain actress/actor and watch everything they have ever been in and interviews. Maybe books they have written. Find what you love and dig into! 

---------- new footer idea for post: every post I will have different words that I pick out and translate into German. Which helps me extend my vocabulary and also something I wanted in a blog. New way of learning! Tell me what y'all think! 

Research: For|sch|ung (weird way to remember: For school you must research)

Socialize: Sozial|isi|eren (weird way to remember: social izzy likes iran)

Different: Anders (weird way to remember: the anders mountains are different)

Organized: Organ|isiert (weird way to remember: to organize is a dessert)

Phases: Phase|n (weird way to remember: phase + n )


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