What's going on this month?

Being a foreigner in a country that is not your own, is never easy. Lots of paper work & working your butt off is most of it. (with loads of help from your boyfriend) With my internship at HYVE coming to an end and getting a full-time contract with them for Film Production & Design work has been nothing but exciting!

The only thing is, you must go to the KVR (government building) and wait in these crazy lines to turn in your new paper work. Then after you turn in your paper work and new contract you are inform that you have to wait to 2-3 weeks. Last time it took around 3 months. During this time period the KVR sends your paper work to the Work Agency to check if everything is in place. After that they send it back to the KVR and then they KVR calls or emails you. Depending on the person and use case. Let's be honest, the most unproductive system ever.

It's been one week of waiting so far, and thank god my mom and step-dad came in to visit. But now that nothing is planned besides waiting. 

During this time period to calm my mind and worried heart. I am dedicating to get inspired, work on those side projects that I never had time for before, workout, and maybe even practice a little German here and there. 

I love my job and I am beyond excited to get back to work with the best colleagues ever, but until then...I'm going to stay inspired, work harder than ever, and make the most of the time I have waiting. 



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