June Favorites

"These are a few of my favorite things" - Sound of Music

MATCH Purse - 60 euros - This is the first purse I have ever had and now I never leave my house without it. It's totally different. Beautifully colored and pattern wise matches with just about everything in a strange and magical way. 

ASOS Slip on shoes - 30 euros - I wanted a pair of shoes that are chill yet can enhance any outfit. I'm not a big person for heels but these have a little height to them to make your legs feel just a little bit longer.

MANGO Striped pants - 20 euros - Can I say enough how much I love these?! Wanna go to the beach? Flying across the world? or even going out for work. Seriously so much fun! Just shoes and a change of shirt can change everything with these pants.

MATCH Magazine 1961 Bordeaux France - not sure the price because it was a birthday gift from my boyfriend while I was visiting him in France. But seriously love. Being a designer, literally makes my heart go crazy. The font, the spacing, the photos. Very important to look outside of the computer sometimes because all of us are typically are looking for the same thing. Which makes all our designs typically around the same. Outside printed designs are very important & unique to add to your design mind. 

AMAZON table - 80 euros - With updating our room it was a necessary to have a side table for our bed. This table was originally for a living room set but gave such a nice curvature to our tiny squared room, I couldn't resist. 

CLINIQUE moisture surge intense - 25 euros (amazon) - With struggling for acne almost all my life, this is somewhat of a weird cure that I came across on the beaches of France. Also helps with makeup applying and smoothes out the skin before. Can't live without it now.

VIVA LA JUICY NOIR perfume - 40 euros - also another first for me, was a gift to myself for getting a full-time position at my company!