What I have learned from traveling the world

1. Alone: Traveling alone is probably the best thing to do sometimes. It allows you to be vulnerable and more opened to meet people. To actually open yourself up to the new culture, and world revolving around you! To be part of something. I did this a couple times, once in Budapest another time in Iceland. Probably the most free, I have ever felt. The kind of freedom that you meet crazy people & feel like you have been friends forever. Laughing until you can't breathe, running around like you never felt fresh air before.

 In Iceland, I was looking around for coffee in the morning and saw this cute place called "morning hangovers" so automatically thought it was a coffee place. Well the doors was locked and I walked away. As I walked away this guy come out on his phone talking in Icelandic. "Ah, sorry I'm just looking for some coffee," I said. "Oh, hell come on in we have a coffee machine in our bar." (have I mentioned how much I LOVE coffee) Anywho! I walked in to find two other mid-to late 20s humans chilling in this super cool bar. Basically designed as a house party with different artist in the city. The two guys owned it and the girl was a friend. We ended up talking about Iceland's politics and there views to just daily life things. After a couple rounds of coffee, they said that they had to planned to jump off some cliffs and if I wanted to join. I said hell yeah & jumped off a cliff into the freezing waters of Iceland. Something I will never forget. 

2. Not everything goes right: We have this illusion that everything is suppose to go smoothly when traveling. At least thats what I thought in the beginning. That it was all just a day dream. Let me tell yeah, crazy shit happens. And that's okay! Once I forgot my passport when heading to Croatia & had to sneak in the country with my best friend from New Zealand (Tahlia). Another time I got Dengue fever in Thailand and was in a hospital for a week. Let's be honest, they make the best stories and I would do it all over again. Hands down! 

3. Wanting to remember: When I was 18 years old, I moved to Germany to be an Au Pair. After that year I realized I barely recorded memories of my trips and life there and actually forgot a lot of things that happened. This is when I started really getting into video, the next summer I came back to visit my boyfriend in Germany and we went to Paris for the weekend. I wanted to record the summer for him on my phone and make a small video out of it. Keep in mind I had no idea what I was doing. Just that I press play and stop for video. When I surprised him with the video, he was stunned. That's when I started seeing the power of video, it takes you back to those times and captures moments that you may never want to loose. Next video I made was in Thailand on our backpacking tour, then Germany, then Iceland with my GoPro. I started picking up photography during these trips too. And I am so happy I did! By wanting to remember my travels actually lead me to what I am doing today for my job, film production, photography and design.

Be smart, be safe, and have the time of your life. Because as clique as this may be, we only have this one life (that we know of (; )