July Moodboard & music I'm digging

New Music I'm digging this month:

1. Sad Song - Lash Remix (Parson James, Maty Noyes)

2. Ukulele and Chill - Cody G

3. YMA - Zazilla

4. How I want ya - Hudson Thames, Hailee Steinfield

5. Time - Kidswaste

6. Gold Angel - Savior Adore Remix (Minke, Savior Adore)

7. Sunset Lover - Manatee Commune Remix (Petit Biscuit, Manatee Commune)

8. The Lighthouse and The Whaler - Venice - Orange Music + Others 

9. Hold Me - Awae, Damned, Layna

10.  Shooting Stars - LOWSELF Remix

July Moodboard: I started making moodboards when I went to university for Graphic Design. Part of the process for brainstorming and concepting is moodboarding. Helps you visualize and be able to piece together what you see in your mind. I ended up really enjoying it and now do one for every month on the "vibe" I feel from that month. (: