France again?!

Oh, France. France is by far one of my favorite places to go for a weekend adventure. With it being so close and I mean who doesn't wanna go?! With this being the second time going to France this year (first for my birthday) simon's mama was too sweet and took care of the whole trip. How sweet?!

We had a beyond beautiful time there. With simon's mom's boyfriend renting a beautiful villa in a small town in the south of France. The house was incredible, three stories high with a huge pool. Which was perfect for those hot summer days in the south of France. When we first came in we got picked up from the train station after our flight from his mama and boyfriend and went straight for a castle tour. It was beyond beautiful and lively with little shops in every corner of the castle. The other days consist of lots of wine, visiting a little towns by our villa, lots of pool time with a unicorn inflatable, and dancing in the kitchen with champagne celebrating Klaus's (simon's mom's boyfriend) birthday. 

Here is a little video I put together for you all to catch a little glimpse from the trip! I hope you enjoy! (: 

Ana Surface