23rd Birthday in FRANCE

The dream birthday trip!

The only thing I know about Bordeaux was the wine that they had on show's. Nothing more. This was until my boyfriend went to study abroad there. I took off two weeks for my birthday and had absolutely the time of my life. Bordeaux is an old, yet charming city that makes you fall in love with France. Some people say that they don't really enjoy Paris to much, but let me tell you. Bordeaux will change your mind about France. It's forty minutes to the beach by train and 5 hours by car to Spain. Undeniably, every morning we had a croissant. And the most sweet people. 

The trees in the city make you believe that there is some kind of magic. To say the least. What also was super nice was that my best friend that I grew up with is now studying there! Which was so nice to meet up with her and her boyfriend for some drinks in the city.  

For my birthday, we woke up and went to the city market for wine, different seafood plate. Including snails, oysters, shrimp, and crabs. After that we did a little shopping but mostly stopped at every bar along the small cute roads.

We also went the sand dunes by the ocean coastline. We only meant to stay there for the day. But ended up missing our train and found a beautiful last minute hotel right on the ocean. Seriously the best mistake ever! 

Overall, a perfect getaway to a beautiful city. 

Ana Surface