12 Musketeers Calendar

12 Musketeers Calendar is a design winning calendar every year that has been founded by Reka Juhasz. Every year she picks 12 talented designers to work on the calendar. This years concept was living in a digital world going back to the power of typography. I had the honor with working with these amazing designers and seeing there concept come alive. Also a HUGE honor to be ask to be on this project. 

You can read more about the concepts for each month and the amazing designers that worked on this project at www.12musketeers.com

The month that I was drawn to do was april, first reason because it's my birthday month but secondly the refresh start into the year. After long winter snow, you are just ready to open your apartment windows and get a fresh start onto your new goals. Giving space for room to grow in the text and allowing the missing vowels to come back with inspiration. 

And here are the other 11 month from the other super talented designers that deserve an amazing round of applause for there talented minds. Also check out there websites if you get a chance! 

Photography Credit: Cody Brown
Ana Surface